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3 ways teachers can use video for better exam preparation

Posted by Jennifer Hampton on 21 April, 2017

Easter is over, April is speedily passing and ensuring success for all our students in the upcoming exams and tests is rarely far from our minds. Here are 3 ways video technology can not only support exam and test preparation, but enhance it for both teachers and students.

Look at what others are doing how video can help exam prep

The reality is that we don’t all teach everything effectively, however in a department or across a network of schools, there will be enough experience to expertly address all topics.

Why not watch that colleague with a particular strength in a topic or strategy teach?

The answer to this question is usually time and inevitably the need for lesson cover. This is not the point in the year when we want to leave our own classes. However with video technology, a colleague’s particularly strong explanation, analogy or breakdown can be shared with teachers or even directly with students. It can be watched again and again, whenever suits.

Create short clips for students

Whether you simply want to motivate students, reassure them or you wish to remind them of key concepts, we don’t need paper and we don’t need our students in front of us to do this.

Video is a medium that all our students are familiar with and one that potentially could engage more reluctant learners or those unlikely to attempt independent study.

Encourage the creation of video notes

How often have we told students about the power of verbal explanation as a tool for our own learning?

By inviting students to do this, we can promote active engagement and potential collaboration with their peers that will avoid the kind of fake study that involves lots of paper, elaborate diagrams, but little thinking and retention.

The very process of creating these video notes will be powerful, and being able to easily rewatch and share will reap rewards as well.

Do you have any ideas for how video technology can be used for effective exam and test preparation?

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