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Christophe Mullings

Christophe joined IRIS Connect in April 2015 as our Head of Education. He has 9 years teaching experience in both the private and state sector having taught French and English from Key Stage 1 to A Level in both primary and secondary schools. His teaching roles have included Head of Year, Head of Department and, most recently, Director of Studies. Christophe has a Masters degree in Teaching and is passionate about professional learning and improving outcomes for pupils and teachers. He is responsible for a wide variety of educational initiatives within the business and works on a number of educational research projects involving the IRIS Connect system. Christophe is also half-French and is a bit of a foodie; he loves cooking and drinking nice Burgundy wine.

Recent Posts

14 ways teachers have told us they use video to drive pupil learning

Posted by Christophe Mullings on 29 August, 2017

Although video is a really powerful tool for self-reflection, it can also be used in lots of other ways to successfully drive teachers professional development and pupil learning. 

We recently asked our community of users how they have used video as part of their CPD to advance pupil learning. The amount of responses was so overwhelming that we couldn't help but share some of them with you. Click the arrows at the end of each title to read more.

Pupil learning

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Is best practice in teaching always best?

Posted by Christophe Mullings on 11 April, 2017

Of all the things schools could spend their money on, improving the quality of teaching through ongoing professional development of teachers can have the greatest impact on pupil outcomes. It can also be the most cost effective.  So, how can we best develop teacher expertise in our ever changing educational landscape? 

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EEF report evaluating the impact of IRIS Connect

Posted by Christophe Mullings on 31 March, 2017

Research overview:
“Developing classroom dialogue and formative feedback through collective video reflection”

EEF-Sml-needs-EEF-sign-off-before-publishing.jpgThis EEF funded pilot study looked at the use of IRIS Connect alongside a film club programme that is designed to improve primary school teachers’ use of classroom dialogue and feedback. The project was independently evaluated by researchers at Birmingham University.

The EEF trial was designed to find out whether the programme can be practically delivered in classrooms and whether it could be taken to a larger trial to find out what impact it has on attainment.

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10 simple steps to a positive professional learning culture

Posted by Christophe Mullings on 9 February, 2017

Cultivating a positive professional learning culture is essential for every school, but it can be complex. Here are 10 easy to implement tips to help schools move towards a culture where improvements in teaching and learning can thrive.

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How do teachers learn best? What you need to consider for effective CPD

Posted by Christophe Mullings on 20 October, 2016

Where does ownership of CPD lie? With the teacher? The CPD provider? SLT? Perhaps a more important question is where do you think it should lie?

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Dialogic teaching & classroom talk: Maximising effectiveness

Posted by Christophe Mullings on 9 September, 2016

Is great dialogue taking place in your classroom and across your school? It’s well worth taking the time to reflect on this given the robust evidence that dialogic teaching (more broadly known as classroom talk) is key to improving formative assessment of pupils. Research shows that there is a direct relationship between dialogic teaching and improved individual and collective academic outcomes.

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