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The importance of self-reflection

Posted by Rosie Neill on 21 February, 2018

In today's busy education world it's easy to get caught up in the activities of day-to-day teaching and leave no time for self-reflection.  But self-reflection is an important part of what can make you a good teacher and can be hugely valuable. It gives you the time to think  deeply about your teaching;  about what you do in the classroom, why you do it and why it works, enabling you to identify any changes and improvements you could make.

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5 ways to boost your confidence as a teacher

Posted by Kate Herbert-Smith on 21 February, 2018

Having confidence is key to success and can improve your overall effectiveness as a teacher and your wellbeing. Unfortunately, students can be quick to spot lack of confidence in a teacher, which can have implications for classroom management.

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How can mobile phones counter (not create) low-level classroom disruption?

Posted by Tom Harris on 15 February, 2018

In this guest blog from Tom Harris, Lecturer (Senior Tutor) at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, he explores the use of mobile phones in the classroom and how they can not only help with low-level classroom disruption, but also build students trust, self-control and respect for others.

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Ofsted’s latest inspection changes explained

Posted by Kate Herbert-Smith on 12 January, 2018

Here’s a summary of everything you need to know about Ofsted’s November 2017 inspection changes.

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10 steps to getting results from your ISSP

Posted by Celia McCarthy on 19 September, 2017

The improvements to professional practice that ISSPs can make are impressive. But they aren't guaranteed. Unless your school has the necessary culture to allow them to thrive, you won't see such dramatic improvements. Below is a checklist of steps that you can take in order to make the most your ISSP.

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Your quick guide to Independent / State School Partnerships

Posted by Celia McCarthy on 13 September, 2017

As an independent school, there are probably a number of questions that spring to mind when you think of Independent / State School Partnerships (or ISSPs). What are they they? What are the benefits? Is it right for your school?

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