Teaching Schools tip #4

Posted by Charlotte Curl - Last updated on December 13, 2019

Teaching schools are charged with the supporting ITT and CPD across their alliance. Quite often schools in a Teaching School alliance will be spread across hundreds of square miles. That makes sharing and collaboration sound immediately quite difficult, not to mention expensive when you take into account lesson cover and travel expenses.

Tip #4

for teaching schools is to think outside the box and look to the cloud. The wonders of modern technology and the internet make collaboration easier, cheaper and actually, more effective. Observing teachers in other schools and coaching over distance no longer means taking a morning out of teaching, driving fifteen miles, sitting at the back of the class and sampling an alternative canteen lunch.

Askwith Community Primary and their rural Teaching School alliance are using IRIS Connect’s cloud based platform and video technology to access and share excellent practice across their whole alliance. By innovating for success in their new role rather than trying to replicate their own success across the alliance, they are able to take advantage of the experience and expertise in all of their alliance schools in a cost effective and impactful way.

A Teaching School alliance may typically be made up of 14 schools; with around 650 teaching staff; across roughly 900 square miles…surely cloud based technology is the answer to many if the issues this throws up!

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