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How do teachers learn best? What you need to consider for effective professional development

Posted by Alexandra Spalding on 6/24/19 2:17 PM

Where does ownership of professional development lie? With the teacher? The professional development provider? The leadership team? Perhaps a more important question is where do you think it should lie?

I often hear that teachers and educators don't have time for their own professional development. Or they believe that it's the leadership team's responsibility to guide their professional development. More often than not PD is thought of as ‘providing training to develop a skill’, but effective professional development is so much more than something that is delivered to teachers.

effective professional development

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Teacher quality matters most

Posted by Alexandra Spalding on 6/10/19 10:00 AM


The most important influence on student achievement is what teachers know and do in their classrooms.


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What should you look for when you self-reflect?

Posted by Alexandra Spalding on 5/20/19 10:00 AM

Reflective practice is a more systematic process of collecting, recording and analyzing our thoughts and observations, as well as those of our students, and then going on to make changes. Research is clear that self-reflection is a core component of effective teacher PD and key to enabling teachers to become skilled in their roles.  

Teacher writing while looking at a tablet computer in a classroom

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5 easy and effective ways to use IRIS Connect this semester

Posted by Alexandra Spalding on 9/10/18 11:48 AM

Taking on new strategies and technologies is sometimes difficult and time-consuming, but in the long run, usually worthwhile. Whether you're a pro at using IRIS Connect, just starting out, or thinking about investing in video-based professional development in your school, here are 5 quick and easy ways that you can use the IRIS Connect system this semester.

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