What's the secret to successful Lesson Study?

Posted by Rosie Neill on October 21, 2015

Tips from the UK's leading Lesson Study practitioners

“Be brave, be flexible and give it a chance.”

- Heather Payton, LSEF Lead Teacher, Childs Hill School

At the recent Lesson Study London Conference, experts from across the education world gathered to share their advice and experiences of using and implementing Lesson Study.

In this video, they share their tips and suggestions for how you can successfully introduce Lesson Study in your school:

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 “Spend the necessary time, effort and energy ensuring that people really understand the key principles that underpin Lesson Study. They have to know that it’s a non-judgemental process.”

- Paul Foster, Deputy Headteacher of Hayes School and Director of IMPACT Teaching School Alliance

What exactly is Lesson Study?Conference implementing lesson study in London 2015

“Lesson Study is a very exciting model for teachers working collaboratively.”

- David Weston, Chief Executive, Teacher Development Trust

Lesson Study is about teachers helping each other learn to improve outcomes for students.

A form of professional development that originated in Japan, it involves a group of teachers getting together, researching and planning a lesson where a new idea is introduced to improve teaching and learning.

After, the lesson is taught by one of the teachers whilst the others observe the students’ learning. The group gets together again to analyse the lesson and agrees on ways it could be improved to maximise impact on learning. Each teacher can then take the knowledge they’ve learnt through Lesson Study and apply it in their own classroom to improve outcomes for their students.

Lesson Study was introduced to the UK by Pete Dudley, Lesson Study guru and founder of Lesson Study UK.

“It’s by many miles, the most powerful form of CPD in terms of outcomes for children, if devoted to things that are actually going to work in the classroom.”

- Charles Desforges, Emeritus Professor of Education, Exeter University


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