Is this the future of work-life balance?

Posted by Kate Herbert-Smith - Last updated on March 13, 2023

Work-life balance is a sensitive subject, particularly in the education sector... so what do you make of author and peak performance expert, Dan Thurmon's quirky suggestion for how to get a better handle on your life?

Life balance, says Dan, is a concept that is intriguing, desirable and also completely unrealistic. It’s something we can never actually achieve, so desperately pursuing ‘balance’ can have a negative impact on our lives.

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Elevate your focus

Being off balance is the reality for most of us. The difference is whether we’re off-balance in response to the world around us or whether we’re off balance on purpose. We need to start living our lives off balance on purpose in order to learn, grow, love, serve others and improve ourselves.

Dan says that the only way to feel a sense of control in the off-balance environment in which you live is to elevate your focus and your vision. If you don’t and you’re unwilling to embrace change and growth, you’ll either start going backwards or will just stay where you are.

So, if you think what you’re doing now is difficult, Dan challenges you to try something even harder. As a performer, Dan didn’t get the hang of juggling with 3 balls until he tried to do it with 4. Again, he couldn’t do this well until he tried 5 balls…

The key is that, no matter how much is going on, whether you're juggling with 5 balls or 7, there’s always space between your throws and your catches (or your thoughts and your actions). It’s in those spaces, according to Dan, that you regain control of your life.

“If you limit yourself to what’s comfortable, you limit yourself to what’s possible.” Dan Thurmon

If you're not sure what Dan means, listen to his 18 minute TED talk. He'll turn your idea of work-life balance on its head. He'll also keep you on your toes, as one of his metaphors leads him to ride a unicycle on stage whilst juggling with axes!

You can watch Dan’s talk below or click here >


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