Going Beyond CPD: John Hattie Interview

Posted by Rachel Finch - Last updated on April 7, 2022

Going Beyond CPD: John Hattie Interview

Hot on the heels of his keynote at Whole Education’s annual conference is this 20 minute John Hattie interview with Graham Newell where he talks about the importance and role of teachers in improving outcomes for young people.

Short on time? Skip to the parts marked below to hear John Hatties stance on:

  • 2.11 - 4.44 - The need for teachers to work together, collaboratively.
  • 5.58 - 6.46 - Video-based CPD
  • 4.44 - 5.57 - Micro Teaching
  • 9.06 - 9.51 - Achievement vs Enjoyment. What Hattie wants for students.
  • 9.52 - How Ofsted should be judging teachers and the pitfalls of UK’s education system.

Listen to other interviews in the series with Teacher Toolkit, Tony Parkin, David Weston and Sir Tim Brighouse.

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