What the new era for Ofsted inspection means for you

Posted by Rosie Neill on June 24, 2015

A new era of Ofsted inspection?

At a recent event in London, Ofsted announced a ‘new era’ for their inspections, with changes taking place from September. But what do these changes mean for you?

Shorter inspections

From September, Ofsted will inspect schools previously deemed good or outstanding once every 3 years under a new short inspection model.

Inspectors will assess the school with a premise that it is still good, and will focus on ensuring that these good standards are being maintained.

These short inspections will typically last one day and be led by one or two inspectors, with bigger teams for further education colleges. Where inspectors feel that more evidence is needed, inspections will continue for an additional day.

According to Sir Michael Wilshaw, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills, ‘short inspections will reduce the burden of inspection without losing the rigour which parents and the public rightly expect of Ofsted.’

Celebration of exceptional leadersofsted inspection new era

Sir Michael also plans to recognise ‘exceptional leaders’. From September, early years leaders, headteachers and college principals who have played a key role in turning around other institutions will be acknowledged in a letter from Ofsted.

A copy of this letter will also go to the Secretary of State and leaders recognised in this way will be featured in Ofsted’s Annual Report.

Sir Michael claims that ‘leaders who are taking risks, putting themselves out and disseminating good practice beyond their own institution need to be celebrated as exceptional reformers.

The establishment of a common framework for inspection

With the aim of ensuring common judgements and terminology surrounding Ofsted is used across different sectors, a common framework will be introduced from September that encompasses registered early years settings, maintained schools, academies, non-association independent schools and further education and schools providers.

Ofsted’s goal is for a young person, parent or employer to be able to pick up any Ofsted inspection report and quickly understand it because the format and judgements are always consistent.

Improved complaints process

Sir Michael also announced his intention to open up Ofsted’s complaints process to greater accountability.

Each Ofsted region will establish a ‘scrutiny committee’ consisting of inspectors as well as leading headteachers, early years and college leaders who are not involved in carrying out inspections for Ofsted.

The committee will make assessments and reach judgements based on the internal reviews of complaints about inspections.

Click here for more info on these latest changes to Ofsted inspection.

What do you think of these changes? Are they good news for you?

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