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Where do observations go from here?

Posted by Ross Morrison McGill on 28 March, 2014

A guest blog by @TeacherToolkit

The plans to abandon grading lesson observations; teachers or teaching – however you define it - is an opportunity for all schools to raise the profile of peer-to-peer coaching and finally eradicate the stigmata of pigeon-holing teachers! I am motivated to see how schools will take this forward, but I also have some reservations about deserting a national framework.

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Gradeless lesson observations

Posted by Charlotte Curl on 13 March, 2014

Gradeless lesson observations: more fertile ground for a growth mindset?

A study from Ruth Butlers indicates that feedback with no grade leads to better student outcomes than when you provide just a grade or both feedback and a grade.

Grades are "ego-involving", they lead students to focus only on achieving a level of performance rather than on what they can do to improve. An A* student has achieved the ultimate grade...but does that mean they can stop learning? Does that mean they have reached their full potential and can't be stretched further?

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Lesson observation: to grade or not to grade?

Posted by Charlotte Curl on 20 February, 2014

Lesson observation: to grade or not to grade?

This is a complex issue made more complicated by a confusion between observation as part of the accountability framework and observation for professional development.

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Making observation feedback formative

Posted by Kate Herbert-Smith on 31 May, 2013

How do you make observation feedback work for you?

How can you move past observation as a judgement to make it part of a progressive, personalised and meaningful element of your CPD?

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Student lesson observations: Are you brave enough?

Posted by Rachel Finch on 17 January, 2012

Student lesson observations: Are you brave enough?

Would you let a student observe your lesson and feedback on your teaching practice?

Many teachers would shudder at the idea. But some schools are doing this as part of their programme to improve teaching and learning. I discovered this when I came across an article “Fresh Perspectives” written by Liz Lightfoot in the ASCL Leader magazine last July.

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