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New Ofsted Framework 2019: Changes explained [incl. Video Interview]

Posted by Graham Newell on 4 July, 2019

The new Ofsted Framework will come in to affect in September 2019, so read on for all you need to know. 

In this video interview, Andy Newell, Managing Director of IRIS Connect interviews Daniel Muijs, Deputy Director of Ofsted about the new framework. The questions asked in this interview were selected by school leaders and cover topics such as evidence-informed practice, domain specific CPD and Ofsted’s latest approach to observations. 

Prior to this interview taking place, we had shared a breakdown of the Ofsted Framework 2019, highlighted what the four Ofsted judgements are, what's changed with the inspection guidelines and how it will affect your school. 

Watch the full video interview with Daniel Muijs or skip to a topic of your choice to hear Daniel’s answers.

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See the school inspection myths dispelled by Ofsted

Posted by Rosie Neill on 1 July, 2016

Mike Sheridan, Ofsted Regional Director for London, claims many teachers misunderstand what Ofsted are looking to see during school inspections.

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What the new era for Ofsted inspection means for you

Posted by Rosie Neill on 24 June, 2015

A new era of Ofsted inspection?

At a recent event in London, Ofsted announced a ‘new era’ for their inspections, with changes taking place from September. But what do these changes mean for you?

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Does Ofsted have a negative impact on staff effectiveness?

Posted by Kate Herbert-Smith on 11 December, 2014

New survey results say Ofsted has negative impact on staff effectiveness and well-being

Just 10% of teachers say that inspections make a positive difference to their own performance, according to new survey.

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New Ofsted lesson observation guidelines

Posted by Rosie Neill on 13 November, 2014

In an attempt to reduce unnecessary workloads for your school and to clarify exactly what is required of you when preparing for an Ofsted lesson observation, the government body has published new guidelines which detail everything you don’t need to do.

Save yourself and your colleagues some time by reading and sharing this quick summary of the new Ofsted lesson observation guidelines:

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Takeaways from Tom Sherrington at #TLT14

Posted by Charlotte Curl on 18 October, 2014

Takeaways from Tom Sherrington at #TLT14

A year and a half a go, Tom Sherrington (@headguruteacher) asked the twitter community:

“If there was no Ofsted, no league tables, no SLT…just you and your class…what would you choose to do to make it GREAT? Do that anyway…”

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