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Is collaboration the key to a successful Multi-Academy Trust?

Posted by Graham Newell on 6 October, 2019


In the Recommendations for MATs in Ofsted’s investigation into ‘Multi-academy trusts: benefits, challenges and functions’ (July, 2019) it is stated:

“MATs need to ensure that collaboration within the trust is used effectively and judiciously to maximise the benefits of shared expertise and mutual learning, while minimising the unproductive networking for its own sake”.

Throughout the report the value of collaboration within schools, across MATs and with other schools in the local area is clearly recognised.

Imagine if every MAT used the ‘power within’ to ensure that every school truly became a ‘learning community’ - a ‘knowledge creating school’.

“The power of collective capacity is that it enables ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things” - for two reasons. One is that knowledge about effective practice becomes more widely available and accessible on a daily basis. The second reason is more powerful still—working together generates commitment.” (Michael Fullan, ‘How the World’s Most Improved Systems Keep Getting Better” p 72)


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Collaborative CPD: 6 ways you can support academies in your trust

Posted by Edward Williams on 20 September, 2019

According to data published by the Department for Education in July 2019, there are now 8,725 academies within multi-academy trusts (MATs) in the UK. Despite this number being just over 27% of the total number of schools within the UK, MATs employ a disproportionately large number of staff, with over 44% of the education workforce working for a MAT.


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From the Experts: Advice for New Teaching Schools

Posted by Charlotte Curl on 7 May, 2014

Advice from Teachers for Teachers

Two things have been confirmed to me in the last 24 hours whilst writing this blog post:

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Advice for Teaching School Applicants

Posted by Charlotte Curl on 23 October, 2012

Advice for Teaching School Applicants

The government’s teaching school initiative is entering its second year, with two-hundred teaching schools having been designated to support continued professional development (CPD) and Initial Teacher Training (ITT) across their alliances.

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How IRIS Connect supports the teaching schools Big 6

Posted by Charlotte Curl on 19 October, 2012

How IRIS Connect supports the teaching schools Big 6

We know every school and every alliance is different but the core set of challenges presented by the teaching school Big 6 is a unifying factor. This blog piece will explain specifically how IRIS Connect supports teaching schools by reducing the cost and increasing the impact of the learning and development activities key to their success KPI’s.

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Teaching Schools tip #5

Posted by Charlotte Curl on 29 June, 2012

Our current favourite book at IRIS is Professional Capital by Hargreaves and Fullan, we’d highly recommend giving it a read!

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