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Is Your School Using Drop Down Days Effectively?

Posted by Chloe Vlahos on 22 June, 2017

With students facing ‘unimaginable pressures' both within and outside of school, it is now more important than ever that we begin to explore and discuss issues surrounding the lives of students within a safe, educational environment. Recent research highlights the importance of schools’ role in promoting students’ overall health and wellbeing, so what can schools do to help? Can we utilise subjects such as PSHE to enhance student development?

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A teacher's perspective on using video for lesson observation

Posted by Stephen Campbell on 12 June, 2017

Stephen Campbell.pngGuest blog from Stephen Campbell, Head of English at Kingswood School in Bath and future Deputy Head at Haileybury Imperial and Service College.

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Where does video technology fit in a whole school CPD approach?

Posted by Rosie Neill on 9 May, 2017

Video is not just a powerful tool for individual, teacher self-reflection that's done behind closed doors. You can also use video to help your school achieve a collaborative, whole school approach to CPD.

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3 ways teachers can use video for better exam preparation

Posted by Jennifer Hampton on 21 April, 2017

Easter is over, April is speedily passing and ensuring success for all our students in the upcoming exams and tests is rarely far from our minds. Here are 3 ways video technology can not only support exam and test preparation, but enhance it for both teachers and students.

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Communication and trust: how to get things off the ground

Posted by Rosie Neill on 13 April, 2017

For educational change – the kind that makes measurable, sustainable improvements to teaching and learning – a school needs to have the right environment in place.

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Is best practice in teaching always best?

Posted by Christophe Mullings on 11 April, 2017

Of all the things schools could spend their money on, improving the quality of teaching through ongoing professional development of teachers can have the greatest impact on pupil outcomes. It can also be the most cost effective.  So, how can we best develop teacher expertise in our ever changing educational landscape? 

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