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Is teacher retention really about workload?

Posted by Kate Herbert-Smith on 25 April, 2018

UK teachers rank second to last in OECD league tables of teacher longevity in the classroom. Only 48% of teachers have more than 10 years in the profession, but, regardless of Damian Hinds comments at the annual ASCL conference 2018, workload is not necessarily the primary factor for so many leaving, according to research.

Teacher suffering from acute stress resting her head on her arms at her desk in front of the blackboard as she seeks to gather herself together


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5 resources for teachers heading into senior leadership roles

Posted by Kate Herbert-Smith on 23 April, 2018
Transitioning to a leadership role is a challenging career move. You must go from follower to being the one who guides, motivates, inspires and manages. The transition takes time, experience, skills and commitment.  Here are 5 resources to help you prepare for your new role:
Leadership creative green sign

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3 ways teachers can use video for better exam preparation

Posted by Kate Herbert-Smith on 17 April, 2018

Easter is over, April is speedily passing and ensuring success for all your students in the upcoming exams and tests, I'm sure, is rarely far from your minds. Here are 3 ways video technology can not only support exam and test preparation, but enhance it for both you and your learners.

Happy young woman sitting on the floor with crossed legs and using laptop on gray background


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Why effective CPD is more important than ever in 2018

Posted by Angus Lashwood on 13 April, 2018

For many school leaders, the importance of effective CPD for teaching staff needs little explaining. As the DfE’s Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development straightforwardly puts it, ‘effective professional development for teachers is a core part of securing effective teaching.’

Surprised child reading a book with letters flying away from it isolated on grey wall background. Face expression. Education concept

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What every SLT should know about using video for CPD

Posted by Kate Herbert-Smith on 12 April, 2018

In 2010, a study by R. Lofthouse and P. Birmingham found that, of 73 student teachers who used video for self-reflection, 89% recognised that it had had a positive impact on the way they responded to their own teaching.

Similarly, Mirandanet at the University of Bedfordshire undertook independent research a few years ago, and of the 99 teachers who were surveyed about their experience of using video for professional development, they found that:

  • 99% felt they were taking more responsibility for their own professional development
  • 96% felt they would be more likely to try new practices or be experimental in their approach to teaching
  • 88% felt their confidence as a teacher had risen

But, how exactly does video help to improve teachers continuing professional development? And do the costs outweigh the benefits?

Business Concept. Professional Development Sign on Blue Background.

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How do teachers learn best? What you need to consider for effective CPD

Posted by Christophe Mullings on 2 April, 2018

Where does ownership of CPD lie? With the teacher? The CPD provider? SLT? Perhaps a more important question is where do you think it should lie?

Confident female teacher

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