10 of the best educators to follow on Twitter in 2021

Posted by Alexandra Spalding on 4 January, 2021

Following educators on Twitter can help you to keep up-to-date on the latest advice, trends and educational research, as well as exploring and sharing resources.

Be part of a passionate, innovative, international community of education professionals.

If you’re not sure where to get started, here’s 10 educators we recommend following right now (list in no particular order):

Best Educators to Follow on Twitter


Nancy Gedge - @nancygedge

Nancy describes herself as a writer, teacher and mother. She advocates passionately for better SEND education and is the writer of ‘The Diary of a Not so Ordinary Boy’ – her lovingly honest blog about raising a son with Down's Syndrome and working as a teacher.


Chris Dyson - @chrisdysonHT

You’ll never be out of the loop again with Chris bringing you up to speed on the latest government updates and political commentary.


Dr. Catlin Tucker - @Catlin_Tucker

Catlin is a Google Certified Innovator, author, and blended learning expert who shares uplifting quotes, useful articles she’s written and posts from her own blog. Catlin offers views from across the pond, sure to diversify your feed and bring you top tips for moving forward with the best blended learning approaches to solve lockdown problems.


Mrs A - @MrsAEYFS

Mrs A shares great tips, tricks and resources for EYFS and NQTs. Plus she loves to brighten up your feed with a beautiful Scarborough sunrise!


Toria Bono - @Toriaclaire

A promoter of tiny voices! Toria is the talented founder of one of our favourite hashtags, #TinyVoiceTuesday, where she encourages the smallest voices on twitter to shout from the rooftops so “no educationalist will go unheard”. Catch up with her and other educators on her podcast Tiny Voice Talks, where they discuss current educational issues, key research and why it is so important that we continue to learn from one another.


Mr P - @TeacherPaul1978

Recently featured on MenTeachPrimary podcast, Paul will inspire you with his journey to leadership, as well as a strava run or two! A must follow for any aspiring leader.


Matthew McDonald - @macca_mjm

T&L enthusiast, Matthew offers his views on how to support your teachers effectively as well as sharing great examples of how his staff ensure excellent learning takes place in any circumstance. Some practical takeaways to be gained from following this senior vice principal. 


TheTattooedHeadteacher - @KyrstieStubbs

Kyrstie is a headteacher working to improve equity and representation in school. She’s also a huge driver of pupil and staff wellbeing so following her is sure to fill your feed with helpful resources.


Christopher Harrison - @MrHtheteacher

SLT, blogger, innovator and self professed ‘book nut’, Christopher is a knowledgeable educator who will get you just as passionate about reading as he is. Keep up to date with education through his genuinely insightful tweets and blogs.


Mr G - @deputygrocott

The founder of #FFBWednesday. If you’re not already following Mr G, we have to ask, what have you been doing on twitter so far?! Follow Mr G and grow your connection. Puts the social in social media.


And don't forget to follow us on Twitter, too!


While you're here, check out our favourites from last year:

@Steven_Berryman (Dr Steven Berryman)

Steven Berryman is a composer, teacher and researcher. He’s the Director of Music at City of London School for Girls and a Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College, London.

@Emma_Turner75 (Emma Turner)

Emma is an Edu research & CPD lead for Discovery Schools Trust & Affinity TSA.

@Penny_Ten (Penny Rabiger)

Penny Rabiger was a teacher for over a decade and later became one of the founder members of the team that set up The Key, the leading information and guidance service for School Leaders and School Governors.

@pna1977 (Phil Naylor)

Presenter of Naylor's Natter podcast, you can find Phil and his guests musing over the latest developments in teaching & learning as well as looking at research and evidence based teaching. 

@jimknight99 (Jim Knight)

Senior Partner at the Instructional Coaching Group, Jim designs professional development for coaches, teachers, and leaders so students experience better learning.

“If we want to get better, we have to see what other people see. That’s where video comes in.”

@CatScutt (Cat Scutt)

Director of Education and Research at The chartered College of Teaching. A former English teacher, Cat has since worked in learning and development in both the corporate and education sector, most recently leading on digital learning and teacher collaboration at the Girls' Day School Trust.

@PhilEdTech (Phil Whitehead)

Digital Skills Manager, Phil, is interested in all things Ed Tech.  Follow him for lots of innovative apps.

@FunkyPedagogy (Jennifer Webb)

A senior leader, Jennifer is an advocate for #MaternityCPD on Twitter, as well as #WomenEd 

@ICT_MrP (Lee Parkinson)

Lee is often talking about using tech to raise standards across the curriculum. He says “work smarter not harder!”

@DrRLofthouse (Rachel Lofthouse)

Professor of Teacher Education and founder of CollectivED, the hub for mentoring and coaching, Rachel has a specific interest in the link between practice development and professional learning for teachers and educators. She’s published in academic and professional journals on the subjects of coaching and mentoring, the innovative use of video to support practice development, practitioner enquiry and professional learning. Rachel is also a blog editor for the British Educational Research Association.


Why not see our top 15 from 2019, too:

@russell1955 (Russell Stannard)

Winner of the British Council Technology Award 2010, Russell runs teachertrainingvideos.com and tweets about using technology in education.

@hannahtyreman (Hannah Tyreman)

Hannah reflects and writes about her experiences as an English teacher in Post 16 education, CPD leadership and her current role as Online Learning Specialist at the Chartered College of Teaching.

@GrahamBM (Graham Brown-Martin)

Graham is the founder of Learning Without Frontiers, a global think tank that brought together renowned educators, technologists and creatives to share provocative and challenging ideas about the future of learning.

@MaryMyatt (Mary Myatt)

Mary spends time in schools talking to pupils, teachers and leaders about learning, leadership and the curriculum. She maintains that there are no quick fixes and that great outcomes for pupils are not achieved through tick boxes. She is working with senior leaders on the link between educational values and high standards.

@Doug_Lemov (Doug Lemov)

Doug is the author of the international bestseller Teach Like a Champion. He is the coauthor with TLAC team colleagues of Practice Perfect, Reading Reconsidered: A Practical Guide to Rigorous Literacy Instruction. In addition to his work studying teachers he is the front man in the nation’s foremost Kenny G cover band. His favorite words are "Huzzah" and "Yam". He is also founder of @UncommonSchools.

@alicekeeler (Alice Keeler)

Alice is a Google certified teacher and author of '50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom'. She tweets regularly about #EdTech.

@LordJimKnight (Lord Jim Knight)

Jim is the Chief Education and External Officer at TES, visiting professor at the London Knowledge Lab of the Institute of Education and a member of the House of Lords. He shares his thoughts about teaching, learning and education.

@KLMorgan_2 (Kathryn Morgan)

Kathryn is the Director of Professional Development and Research-Based Learning at the Prince Albert Community Trust in Birmingham. She’s part of the #SLTchat team, as well as the UKEd_WMids account. She believes that the quality of a school can only truly be measured by the effectiveness of its teachers

@DrSamSims (Sam Sims)

Sam Sims is a quantitative education researcher, interested in teachers’ and education policy. He works at the Centre for Education Improvement Science at the UCL Institute of Education and as a researcher at Education Datalab.

@OhLottie (Claire Lotriet)

Claire is an assistant  headteacher, author and EdTech columnist for the @TES. She is a an Naace award winner and Google certified teacher.

@Informed_Edu (David Weston)

As the CEO and founder of @TeacherDevTrust, and Chair of @educationgovuk CPD Group, David is an inspiring man. He’s also the founder of @OutTeacher (check out his great TEDx talk here). As well as an author and former maths and physics teacher.

@ICTEvangelist (Mark Anderson)

Mark has been an assistant headteacher, head of faculty, head of department, teacher and governor. Now he is an award-winning educator, speaker, consultant, blogger and author.

@MatthewAKraft (Matthew A. Kraft) 

He is Associate Professor of Education and Economics at Brown University. The former high school teacher went on to write the research paper ‘The Effect of Teacher Coaching on Instruction and Achievement’ alongside Harvard colleague David Blazaar.

@AdvocateforEd (The Edvocate)

The Edvocate is an online magazine devoted to fighting for education equity, reform and innovation, including the use of technology in education. Check out: theedadvocate.org

@web20classroom (Steven Anderson)

Steven has been named one of the top 50 innovators in education and is a keen educator, speaker, blogger, author and learning evangelist.

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