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20 of the best #EdTech accounts to follow on Twitter

Posted by Rosie Neill on 14 January, 2016

List of influential accounts tweeting about technology in education

Interested in using Twitter to keep up to date with technology in education? Get started by having a read of the conversation at #EdTech, or follow some of these 20 education technology tweeters (list in no particular order):

Russell Stannard Twitter profile picture

1. @russell1955 (Russell Stannard)

Winner of the British Council Technology Award 2010, Russell runs and tweets about using technology in education.

Followers: 14.7K
Joined: May 2008



Steven Anderson Twitter profile picture


 2. @web20classroom (Steven Anderson)

Steven has been named one of the top 50 innovators in education and is a keen educator, speaker, blogger, author and learning evangelist.

Followers: 131K
Joined: February 2009



 EdSurge Twitter profile picture

3. @EdSurge

EdSurge helps educators find and use the right tools to support all learners, through content, community and tools.

 Followers: 63.1K
Joined: March 2011



Edudemic Twitter profile picture

4. @Edudemic

Edudemic connects education and technology and provides some great #EdTech resources.

Followers: 185K
Joined: April 2010



 Richard Byrne Twitter profile picture

5. @rmbyrne (Richard Byrne)

Richard is a Google certified teacher, speaker and author of blog ‘Free Technology for Teachers’.

Followers: 89.9K
Joined: December 2007


 Adam Webster Twitter profile picture

6. @cagelessthink (Adam Webster)

Adam is an Apple distinguished educator and blogger who wants creativity and innovation in education. 

Followers: 1,000+
Joined: November 2011


Innovate My School Twitter profile picture


7. @InnovateMySchl (Innovate My School)

Innovate My School shares top resources and ideas with educators using #EdTech and #UKEdChat.

Followers: 20.3K
Joined: February 2010


 Steve Woods teacher on Twitter

8. @TheSteveWoods (Steve Woods)

Steve calls himself a ‘digital sommelier’ and is dedicated to providing teachers with the information and tools they need to teach effectively in the 21st century.

Followers: 20.8K


 The Edvocate Twitter profile picture

9. @AdvocateforEd (The Edvocate)

The Edvocate is an online magazine devoted to education reform and innovation, including the use of technology in education. Check out:

Followers: 7,000+
Joined: February 2010


 Leon Cych Twitter profile picture

10. @eyebeams (Leon Cych)

Leon is a web designer, coder and teacher. He films and broadcasts teachers’ networking and stays up to date with all things #EdTech.

Followers: 6,000+
Joined: April 2007


 Bob Harrison Twitter profile picture

11. @bobharrisonset (Bob Harrison)

Bob is a teacher, lecturer, principal and governor who is passionate about education and the potential of technology to transform learning.

Followers: 8,000+
Joined: January 2009


 William Jenkins Twitter profile picture

12. @EdTech_Stories (William Jenkins)

William explores social selling, word of mouth referrals and other alternative roll out models for the use of technology in education.

Followers: 4,000+
Joined: March 2013


José Picardo Twitter profile picture


13. @josepicardoSHS (José Picardo)

José  is Assistant Principal at Surbiton High School and one fifth of @educate1to1, set up to share ideas for teachers to improve their 1-to-1 strategies. José is interested in well-round education, pedagogy and digital strategy.

Followers: 11.1K
Joined: January 2008

 Alice Keeler Twitter profile picture

14. @alicekeeler (Alice Keeler)

Alice  is a Google certified teacher and author of '50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom'. She tweets regularly about #EdTech.

Followers: 47.3K
Joined: October 2010


 Claire Lotriet Twitter profile picture

15. @OhLottie (Claire Lotriet)

Claire is a teacher, author and EdTech columnist for the @TES. She is a UKS2, assessment, computing and enterprise leader. 

Followers: 7,000+
Joined: July 2010


 Mark Anderson Twitter profile picture

16. @ICTEvangelist (Mark Anderson)

Mark has been an assistant headteacher, head of faculty, head of department, teacher and governor. Now he is an author, speaker, 1-to-1 specialist, award-winning blogger at and an EdTech consultant.

Followers: 32.2K
Joined: February 2010


 Alan O'Donohoe Twitter profile picture

17. @teknoteacher (Alan O'Donohoe)

Alan tweets regularly about education, technology and computing.

Followers: 7,000+
Joined: June 2009



 Dai Barnes Twitter profile picture

 18. @daibarnes (Dai Barnes)

Dai is Head of Digital Strategy, a computing teacher and a Google teacher academy mentor.

Followers: 5,000+
Joined: March 2008


 Miles Berry Twitter profile picture

19. @mberry (Miles Berry)

Principal Lecturer in Computing Ed at the University of Roehampton, Miles is an enthusiast for open technology and learning. He is a former mathematician and headteacher and is also author of @SwitchedOnComp.

Followers: 11.7K
Joined: August 2007


 Ben Davies Twitter profile picture

20. @b3ndavi3s (Ben Davies)

Ben is a computing and science subject leader for years 5 and 6. He is a CAS master teacher and specialises in the benefits of children learning how to program.

Followers: 1,000+
Joined: October 2010


 You can find even more influential #EdTech Twitter users to follow here and here.

Do you know any accounts tweeting about #EdTech?

Perhaps you tweet about using technology in education yourself?


We’d love to hear from you:

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